I pick up my sister and smell her baby smell. She rubs her eyes with her fists the way she always does when she's sleepy. Then she opens her mouth and puts it on my cheek. "Was that a kiss?" I ask. More
I'd rather stay with Ray than go onto the fourth grade playground where Laura and Allison stand so close that there's no space left for me.More
Master says Dave--that suits you. That's your name." He can call me whatever he pleases, tom or John or Will or Dave, no matter. I had another name once.More
By the Ginkgo tree I see three children wearing hats – one red, one blue, one yellow – and mittened hands already busy scooping, piling, dumping. They mound and carve and pat until they have a house around the tree trunk with one chair for each.More
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Books with Characters of Color

It's great to see The Year of the Book on this Common Sense Media list of books which feature characters of color. 


Lesson plans for Several of my Titles

Go to Web English Teacher for lesson plans for Etched in Clay, The Year of the Book, Goldfish and Chrysanthemums, and Grandfather Counts.  This site is especially useful for ESL/ELL teachers and students. 


Empathy through Reading and Writing

What an honor to work with a group of 4th graders interested in expanding their understanding of empathy.  They all read The Year of the Book and talked about how Anna's feelings of empathy grew as she matured.  Then the students created their own poems, stories, and essays.


"The Educator's Spin on It"

Make a LOVE diverse book basket with help from "The Educator's Spin On It."  This project can be adapted to kids of all ages and can be done in school classrooms, libraries, or at home.  Watch the video to learn about the importance of family in literature.