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Updates from Andrea

Ideas for teachers

Check out Jill Eisenberg's ideas for three ways to teach Etched in Clay.  I especially like what she writes about narrator bias.  blog.leeandlow.com/2014/04/19/three-ways-to-teach-etched-in-clay-by-andrea-cheng/

State book award nominations

The Year of the Book is a nominee for state book awards in Texas, Florida, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Arizona, Tennessee, and Iowa!  I would love to hear from readers in these states.  If you are doing any school projects related to Anna Wang, let me know so I can pass your ideas along.   Also, remember to read The Year of the Baby and The Year of the Fortune Cookie which will be released on May 7! And next year will bring the final book in the series, The Year of the Three Sisters!

Etched in Clay wins poetry award!

Etched in Clay has won the Lee Bennett Hopkins Award for poetry for children!  Click on the press release for more information: http://pabook.libraries.psu.edu/activities/hopkins/2014/press2014.html  

Texas Bluebonnet ideas for The Year of the Book

The Texas Bluebonnet Award committee has created lots of great activities for kids and teachers to accompany The Year of the Book.  Click for details.  http://texasbluebonnetaward2015.wordpress.com/year-of-the-book/ 

Exhibit of Illustrations

Come and see illustrations by local illustrators including some of my illustrations from Where the Steps Were and Etched in Clay! Click on the link for Brazee Street Studios and scroll down their page for more information:



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